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Nine responsibilities of the REF

There is no escaping the ‘R’ word (REF), and with the added pressures it brings arises the question of where interdisciplinary research sits meaningfully within the framework. However interesting or necessary a research project may be, the requirement to be ‘refable’ can overpower the intrigue into interdisciplinary research (IDR).

Today marks the recognition of Interdisciplinarity in the REF, and sets out to debunk some common myths surrounding it with ‘nine responsibilities of the Interdisciplinary advisor’. Many big societal challenges can only be addressed through IDR. We hope this will help guide how IDR can be part of your REF statement, and how it can, in turn, become a tool towards shaping research vision.

The Interdisciplinary advisor will:

  1. Contribute towards the established criteria in which to evaluate IDR across panels
  2. Offer advice and support of IDR elements in submissions
  3. Determining which submissions meet the IDR criteria in the published guidance
  4. Advise on cross-referral outputs that have been identified as ID, where cross-referral is required
  5. Monitoring and moderating scores for IDR outputs
  6. Offering advice for any elements of Impact and Environment statements which include IDR
  7. Calibrate with the sub-panel and IDR advisers across the panels on activity relating to IDR
  8. Assess submissions with recognition of their field and expertise, and distinguish which can be verified as IDR in accordance to the established criteria
  9. Engage with network of main panel ID members and IDR advisors across the panels to share good practice and consistency of approach. Feed into dub-panel assessment

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