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Fellow 2020 Cohort Interdsiciplinary Story

Canh Nguyen

Hi friends and colleagues,

My name is Canh Nguyen, a Senior Lecturer at School of Banking, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), Vietnam and Research Fellow at Leicester Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Leicester, UK.

I am more than happy and honoured to tell you about my journey into interdisciplinary research. It  started from 2017 when I had just finished my PhD in Economics, researching monetary policy transmission. It was my life's luck to meet Professor Christophe Schinckus at RMIT University in June 2017, who has just moved to Vietnam from School of Business, University of Leicester. To be honest, it was my first time meeting and working with him, and he is a great professor! Chris has guided me through several topics from various disciplines. He also introduced me to Dr Marta Gasparin, Associate Professor at School of Business, University of Leicester. From there, I met many great academics and was awarded my LIAS Fellowship with Hosts Professor Mark Williams, Professor Daniel Ladley, Dr Marta Gasparin and Dr Martin Quinn.  From this time, my journal was started.

I was given the chance to know about Econophysics, Innovation and Business. For the first time, I knew about the difference between Invention and Innovation, about the social impacts of research, about the environmental issues and sustainable development. The journey in interdisciplinary research and activities not only brings me a new vision, but also changes my point of view about my academic career toward social impacts as contributions for literature and society.

I have developed research and worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at both RMIT University and a LIAS Research Fellow at University of Leicester, researching climate change and the sustainable development at Mekong River area. I have to confess that without these chances and development in interdisciplinary cooperation, I could not have achieved such great results. I am delighted to have; over sixty published papers in prestige journals, five projects including two from Vietnam national fund and 2 projects funded by the British Academy.

At last, it is my pleasure to continue to advocate for interdisciplinary research and cooperation among academia that would contribute to the World.

With best wishes for everyone through this difficult time from Vietnam,

Canh Nguyen

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