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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured the attention of many in recent years. As something which is shaping the fabrics of our lives across social, economical, technological and political domains, interdisciplinary approaches are vital if we are to fully conceptualise implications for our future.

Initiated in 2019, the Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network (LAIN) was funded by LIAS to bring together expertise from diverse fields, and was the University of Leicester’s first such platform to promote interdisciplinary collaborations pivoting on AI. Bringing together 10 different departments and 3 different colleges, the founding members of LAIN collaborate on studies in technical, social, legal and business-related aspects of AI to develop innovative research. Following this, Prof Ivan Tyukin led a successfully awarded 'Ten by Ten' project on 'Trustworthy AI'; a prestigious award launched in 2019 to fund short-term focussed projects with ambition to apply for wider funding.

In recent months, notable research successes are to be celebrated;

A three million pound Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) grant has been awarded to University of Leicester academics to continue researching trustworthy AI in systems such as driverless cars, drones and robots. Read More >

Professor Ivan Tyukin (Mathematical Sciences) awarded Turing AI Acceleration Fellowship as part of a £20 million investment delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Read More > 

In 2019, LAIN showcased their research on ‘Trust in Autonomous Vehicles’ to 12,000 visitors in the Royal Society Festival, celebrating the most cutting-edge research in UK science. Executive Director of the Royal Society, Dr Julie Maxon, said that the exhibit ‘began many conversations about the future of driverless car technologies’ between policy makers in this domain.

Professor Brian Cox introducing the Royal Society Festival 2019

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