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Dr Romauld Boua

Dr Romauld BouaDr BOUA is a Researcher at the Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (CRUN), IRSS-DRCO, Burkina Faso. Dr Boua brings together expertise in statistical genetics, genomics and bioinformatics and is proficient in phenotype and genome data QC, genome-wide association study, gene-environment interaction analyses, and downstream in silico functional analyses. His experience in multi-disciplinary research projects has expanded his knowledge in nutrition, biochemistry, epidemiology and field work to include genomics and bioinformatics. His interests lie in GWAS data, in the population genetics studies, nutrition-related disorders, data analysis of smoking and alcohol consumption and body composition data in African populations.

Dr Boua has received several grants and awards (African Renaissance Doctoral Fellowship (TWAS/NRF), Wits/NCD Training Program Seed Fund, the AstraZeneca Research Trust Grant 2016/2017, Developing Countries Award-American Society of Human Genetics).

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