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Dr Jiamiao Hu

Dr Jiamiao Hu standing next to a UoL sign, wearing a blue shirt, beige trousers and black shoes.Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China

The global epidemic of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a public health problem worldwide, particularly in developing countries. The WHO has identified Gestational DM as a research priority. Rates of obesity are increasing in China and are as high as 20% in major cities in China. This high rate of obesity translates into a higher risk of GDM and its associated maternal and fetal metabolic complications, causing significant morbidity and mortality while consuming a significant proportion of the healthcare budget in China. Dr Hu's work thus aims to address a major health problem in China and beyond. If accurate prediction of GDM and earlier intervention can mitigate the adverse outcomes of GDM, this research has the potential to lead to a reduction in the burden of GDM and its complications for women and children.

Dr Hu had two goals for his Fellowship:

1) Undertake a Systematic Review to explore the relationship between maternal lipid levels and complication rates in women with GDM. 

2) To develop a research proposal for the next Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) call focusing on lipids (and glucose) and the prediction of GDM and its associated complications in China.

Dr Hu is hosted by Prof Bee Tan (Department of Cardiovascular Sciences).

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