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Career development

Completing a PhD can lead to many different career paths, and not just in academia. Key to future success is understanding your skills and how they transfer to other contexts. We offer a number of sessions which will help you explore your skills and better understand them in a wider context:

  • Building and understanding your transferable skills
  • Writing CVs (resumes), cover letters, and job applications
  • Dealing with job interviews

Enhancing your personal effectiveness

We offer workshops to support you in realising your potential and making everything you do more effective. This may include, being assertive, team-working, managing your project successfully, playing a leadership role or building resilience.

Personalised career development support

We offer one-to-one consultations to allow you to explore your questions about your career aims and aspirations.

Placements, internships and work experience

We offer a number of internal and external internships and placements to help you gain work experience and develop your professional networks. These placements offer a chance to engage with external employers and to gain insight into different career paths.

Developing entrepreneurial skills

How do you expertly pitch an idea? What do you need to consider to convince a Dragon’s Den of the value of your business proposition? Are there intellectual property issues to consider? These are some of the areas explored through the Professional Development Academy and the Young Entrepreneurial Scheme (YES) competitions.

Exploring different career pathways

The Doctoral College organises regular careers events and symposia to learn what sectors PhD students go to after their studies. These events are designed as spaces for you to develop your networking skills and meet peers and alumni.

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