We aim to sustain and develop research excellence, and promote research impact. Our staff are active in a wide range of research areas, with members currently engaged in plans for research dissemination in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Research clusters

Politics and International Relations research is structured into three active research clusters.

These groups aim to promote and support high quality research, acting as a stimulating and supportive research environment for research staff and PhD students working in these areas. The three clusters meet regularly, organise seminars with external speakers and serve as a platform to discuss research in progress by staff and PhD students.

Detailed information about the research interests of individual staff and their recent publications can be found on their staff pages.

Recent publications

All our staff are actively engaged in publishing high-quality outputs from their research. You can find a comprehensive list of publications on our staff's individual pages.

Research projects

Our staff engage in wide-ranging, international recognised research on a broad range of topics. These pages include information about current and past externally-funded research projects

Research impact 

The impact achieved by the School reflects the wide range of staff research interests, and the types of impact achieved include influencing public policy, enhancing professional standards and training, stimulating public and professional debate, and guiding political parties.

Non-academic user groups of our research include:

  • Political parties
  • Policy makers
  • Government at local, national, and international levels
  • Police forces and military professionals
  • Business people
  • Journalists and media organisations

Research students

We offer a wide-range of research degrees, both campus based and by distance learning, and a vibrant postgraduate research (PGR) student culture.

We will be happy to welcome you if you are interested in undertaking a research degree with us.

Seminars and events 

We have a vibrant programme of research seminars. These are organised by the three research clusters, Global Ethics and Political Theory (GEPT)Intelligence, Security and Strategic Studies (ISSS)Parties, Parliaments and Public Opinion (3PO), who invite external speakers who are working in key areas of the group’s activities.