Policy relating to proof-reading services

Guidance on proof-reading

The University does not offer a proof-reading service to students nor does it recommend the use of any proof-reading services. Proof-reading is the final stage of producing a piece of written work and therefore, whenever possible, the University believes that students should carry out their own proof-reading. Where a student chooses to ask another individual to proof-read their work or engages a proof-reading service to undertake this task they must adhere to the following rules.

  1. In all cases work submitted by a student must be their own work and any use of a third party proof-reader or proof-reading or editing service must not compromise the authorship of the work submitted.
  2. Students should consult their department on its policy with respect to the use of proof-readers for particular programmes and modules and ensure that they adhere to the relevant rules.
  3. Students should declare that a proof-reader has been used on submission of their work.
  4. Where a proof-reader or proof-reading service is used they may:
    • Identify spelling and typographical errors
    • Identify poor grammar
    • Highlight formatting errors or inconsistencies
    • Identify errors in labelling of diagrams, charts or figures
    • Highlight a sentence or paragraph that is overly complex or where the intended meaning is not clear
    • Draw attention to repeated phrases or omitted words
  5. Where a proof-reader or proof-reading service is used they must not:
    • Rewrite passages of text to clarify the meaning
    • Change any words or figures, except to correct spelling
    • Check or rewrite calculations, formulae, equations or computer code
    • Rearrange or reformat passages of text
    • Contribute any additional material to the original
    • Re-label diagrams, charts or figures
  6. Failure to adhere to the above requirements will result in an investigation under the academic dishonesty regulation and appropriate penalties will be applied.

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