Dr Toby Lincoln

Associate Professor in Chinese Urban History


Dr Lincoln researches modern Chinese urban history and governance. Concentrating on the twentieth century, he is particularly concerned with urban morphology, the changing rural-urban relationship and daily life in different environments.

Dr Lincoln is using funding awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to research the urban governance response to the coronavirus in East Asia.

The project explores how municipal governments manage the impact of the pandemic on their populations and how the public respond to these policies. With a focus on the cities of Wuhan and Taipei, the research will track policies to help communities deal with the impact of the pandemic, including help for the vulnerable during quarantine, and aid to those who have lost their jobs. He will also explore how transport systems have adapted to continue to meet the needs of large urban populations, and look at how cities are managing public spaces and institutions such as universities.

Media enquiries

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