Steve Evans


Steve Evans

School/Department: Leicester Law School



Steve Evans has practised as a Solicitor for over 20 years, being a partner at a law firm in the Midlands. He has been head of Private Client, head of Property, and also Training Principal for 18 years. He has taught at the University of Leicester since 1992. Steve has also been a Senior Lecturer at The University of Law (incorporating The College of Law), where he remains a visiting lecturer, having taught on the Legal Practice Course, Graduate Diploma in Law, Solicitors’ Qualifying Examination Preparatory course, Professional Skills Course, and the LLB degree programme. He also remains in practice as a consultant solicitor, dealing with trusts, wills, inheritance tax and property law. He has been a Registered Trusts and Estates Practitioner since 1993.

In 2016 Steve was shortlisted as a UK national finalist in the OUP Law Teacher of the Year award, and in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 received awards for Lecturer of the Year and Tutor of the Year from the law students at Leicester. In 2022 Steve was awarded best lecturer in the University by University of Leicester Students’ Union.


  • Trust law
  • Equity
  • Inheritance Law and Property Law
  • Legal issues arising out of the practice of law


  • Unconscionability : Pennington resurrected, but confusion remains.  The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2022
  • Smith v Stanley : Mistake reconsidered following “a bad day at the office” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2020
  • Why Context is King in Trust Deeds New Law Journal 2018
  • Was Privacy in Land Ownership such a Bad Thing? The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2017
  • Drafting matters post-Ilott New Law Journal 2017
  • Water Water Everywhere…But What to Do With It, (and who Pays?) The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2016
  • “Another example of how law should not be made – the ‘residence nil rate band’” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2016
  • “Mountain or Molehill?” New Law Journal 2016
  • “Dirty hands reach further” New Law Journal 2015
  • “A scrutiny of the powers of sale arising under an equitable mortgage : A case for reining these in”  The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2015 (This article was referred to and an extract from it quoted in the  high court judgement in Skelwith (Leisure Ltd v. Armstrong [2015] EWHC 2830 (ch))
  • ‘It’s “Clean Hands” again : the dirtiness of not paying tax considered in The Supreme Court” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2015
  • “Should professionally drafted half secret trusts be extinct after Larke v Nugus”, The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2014
  • “Testators’ wishes; dead or alive – is there a difference?” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2013
  • “A correct result but an instinctively wrong one?” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2012
  • “Variation clarification” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2011
  • “Only people and horses – is the time right for Equity to be an entrepreneur?” The Solicitors’ Journal 2010
  • “Joint accounts – fertile ground for dispute” New Model Adviser 2010
  • “Applying Tinsley or Snipping Tinsley?” The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 2008
  • “Two Sisters and Two Weddings” Family Law 2008
  • “Problems presented by gifts” New Law Journal 1990


  • Equity and Trusts  
  • Wills and The Administration of Estates


MA (Cantab), Solicitor, TEP, FHEA

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