Dr Samuel Cai

Lecturer in Environmental Epidemiology

School/Department: Health Sciences, Department of



I was medically trained in preventive medicine and public health and obtained my PhD in Environmental Epidemiology at Imperial College London. My PhD investigated ambient air pollution and traffic noise on cardiovascular and respiratory health in several European cohorts by adopting a data harmonisation approach. After the award of PhD I completed a MRC-funded fellowship based at King’s College and Imperial College London. Prior to joining the Centre I worked at University of Oxford and led on projects on environmental health in the Global South.


My research focuses on understanding the population health impacts of physical environment with a particular interest in indoor and outdoor air pollution traffic noise and urban built environment. My research has been largely underpinned by using rich cohort data in both the UK and Europe as well as using increasingly available open-sourced/personal data to characterise the changing environment and population health profiles. I recently expanded my research into the LMICs context where emerging environmental pollution is projected to become a major health threat along with urbanisation. I am particular interested in investigating to what extent that environmental pollution as well as climate change has affected health and well-being in marginalised populations in LMICs.


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Thorax. doi: 10.1136/thoraxjnl-2021-217063
2. Cai, Y.S.; Gibson, H.; Ramakrishnan, R.; Mamouei, M.; Rahimi, K. Ambient Air Pollution and Respiratory Health in Sub-Saharan African Children: A Cross-Sectional Analysis. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 9729.
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6.  Cai Y et al. Impact of road traffic noise on obesity measures: Observational study of three  European cohorts. Environ Res. 2020 Dec;191:110013. 
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10. Cai Y, et al. Ambient air pollution, traffic noise and adult asthma prevalence: a BioSHaRE approach. Eur Respir J. 2017; .


Environmental exposure and health; urban health; global health; exposure science;


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Urban air pollution noise greenspace and their health impacts
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