Dr Richard Gornall

Director of the Botanic Garden & Curator of the Herbarium

School/Department: Genetics and Genome Biology, Department of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 271 2933



I obtained my first degree in Botany at the University of St Andrews (1975) and a PhD in plant taxonomy from the University of British Columbia (1980). Since then I have worked at the University of Leicester Botanic Garden initially as Curator (1980) and then as Director (1999). I am also Curator of the Herbarium.


Plant systematics and evolution. Current projects include:
• systematic, evolutionary and floristic studies of the Saxifragaceae
• taxonomic monograph of Saxifraga (c500 spp.)
• studies of gene flow and genetic diversity in aquatic species
• preparation of a genetical flora of the British Isles, for use as a conservation tool
GeneBank55: conservation of the flora of vice-county 55



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Webb, D. A. & Gornall, R. J. (1989) Saxifrages of Europe. London, C. Helm.



Plant taxonomy and evolution


I teach in all three years of the BSc Biological Sciences degree programme.
Year 1: Adaptation & diversity
Year 2: Field guide to evolution
Year 3: student projects
I also teach a course in Plant Identification, based at the Botanic Garden, aimed at professionals and interested members of the public.

Press and media

Plant diversity


Fellow of the Linnean Society (1987>)
President of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (2005-2008)
Honorary member of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland
Editor of Watsonia (1982-1991) and New Journal of Botany (2011-2015)


Linnean Society Bicentenary Medal, 1988
Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, Xining), 2011-2012

Media coverage

GeneBank55 was featured on BBC's Countryfile programme in 2018.


B.Sc. Botany (St Andrews, 1980)
M.Sc. Plant genetic resources (Birmingham, 1976)
Ph.D. Plant taxonomy (British Columbia, 1980)
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