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I have been at Leicester Law School since 2016. I have also taught at Brunel University and Nottingham University. I briefly practised as a solicitor before becoming an academic. My current teaching areas are Trusts Law and Company Law. I am on research leave with a Leverhulme Major Fellowship 2020-22.


My research interests include private law theory and legal theory trusts remedies restitution contract theory property theory. I have also published in intellectual property and company law. I have had research leave awards from the Leverhulme Trust the AHRB and the Max Planck Institute.




'The Nature and Scope of Restitution' (Hart Publishing, 2000)

'Private Law and Property Claims' (Hart Publishing, 2007)

'Justice in Private Law' (Hart Publishing, forthcoming)

Selected articles

'Remedial Consistency in Private Law', University of Toronto Law Journal, forthcoming.

'Private Property and Intangibles', Conveyancer, forthcoming

'Policy and Principle in Private Law' (2020), 11 Jurisprudence, 387

'Remedial Consistency and Constructive Trust Claims' (2019), Conveyancer, 101

'Restitution' in D. Campbell & R. Halson, eds, Research Handbook on Remedies in Private Law (Edward Elgar, 2019)

'Two Ways of Understanding the Common Law' (2017), 8 Jurisprudence, 435

'Proprietary Claims to Recover Mistaken and Unauthorised Payments' in P. Devonshire and R. Havelock, eds, The Impact of Equity and Restitution in Commerce (Hart Pub, 2018), 65

'Explaining the Trust' (2015), 131 Law Quarterly Review, 377

“Licence Fee Damages” [2011] Restitution Law Review 95-111

“Authority in the Common Law” (2011) 36 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 1

“The Unjust Enrichment Fallacy and Private Law” (2013) Vol XXVI Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 115

“Restitutionary Remedies in the Contractual Context” (2013) 76 Modern Law Review 429

“Liabilities in Private Law” 14 Legal Theory 233 (2008)

“Duties and Liabilities in Private Law” 12 Legal Theory 137 (2006)



Corporate law trusts private law theory restitution contract theory property theory


Company Law and Trusts Law on the LLB

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