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Dr Peter Davis FRSA CFCIPD Early professional life in Industrial Relations and Employment Law. Today focused on Management Education & Development and Co-operative Social Philosophy Organisational Leadership Strategy & Management.

Peters degrees: BA Hon. Political Science University of Sussex School of African and Asian Studies (2.1 1971). MPhil Concept of Productivity in Retailing (With Distinction 1980) & PhD in the Moral and Political Economy of Worker Co-operation (1989) both at University of Leicester Dept. of Economics Masters in Philosophical and Systematic Theology (With Merit 2016) St David’s Lampeter University of Wales

Peter has delivered projects for ILO UN Anti Poverty Unit & DFID. He was special adviser to International Co-operative Alliance Global HRD Committee. Peter has delivered Management Seminars in Ethiopia Tanzania Kenya Uganda South Africa Namibia Malaysia Vietnam Japan New Zealand Philippines Netherlands Antilles & Trinidad.

Peter undertakes consultancy in public and private sectors. Clients include IBM (UK) Diamond Trading Company & the NAO


Currently researching into the origins and conflicts within co-operative ideology and their implications for co-operative social philosophy leadership and strategy as a Senior Researcher in Co-operative Management University of East Finland.



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Awotwe, Esther, Berge, Simon  and Davis Peter (2020) Do we need a new direction for managing a multi-stakeholder co-operative? A critical and theoretical reflection on why aspirations sometimes fail. International Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Management, Vol. 3, No 3, December, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.



I have supervised 3 PhDs at Leicester in various aspects of Co-operative Business Strategy and Development.


Peter has taught on University of Leicester LLM &MA Law and Employment Relations MBA MSc MA Co-operative Management and Organisational Development BAM and BA Sociology programmes as well as Leadership. Management and Business Development short courses in both Co-operative and other Small and Medium Enterprises. He has also conducted Executive Management Seminars for the World Council of Credit Unions The Asian Confederations of Credit Unions and as a Raiffeisen Fellow in Co-operative Agribusiness at Monash University

Press and media

Any aspect of the Co-operative and wider Labour Movement in the UK and Globally


Past Chair and currently a member of the UK Society for Co-operative Studies and a Member of the ICA Co-operative Research Network
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