Naomi Brown

PhD Student

School/Department: Department of Cardiovascular Sciences


Address: University of Leicester, Clinical Sciences Wing, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, LE3 9QP


Naomi is a BHF 4-Year PhD student working in Professor Gavin Murphy’s research group supervised by Dr Marcin Wozniak. She previously obtained her MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Manchester and her MRes in Cardiovascular Science from the University of Leicester. 


Naomi's research is focused on the impact of multimorbidity upon cardiac surgery outcomes. She is currently investigating the role of nucleolar instability and epigenetic modifications as a consequence of multimorbidity in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. 

She is involved in the processing of human samples from the Val-Card, Ob-Card and Pre-Op Energy clinical trials. 


MRes Cardiovascular Science, 2021-2022 - University of Leicester

MSc Biochemistry, 2020-2021 - University of Manchester

PGCE Secondary Science, 2019-2020 - GORSE Academies Trust (SCITT), Leeds

BSc Nutrition (Hons), 2016-2019 - University of Nottingham

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