Dr Maribel Canto-Lopez

Associate Professor

School/Department: Law, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2463



I joined the School of law as a lecturer in September 2014 and was a university tutor before this whilst working on my PhD. I was awarded the University of Leicester anniversary acholarship in 2008 and the Doctoral Prize by the College of Arts, Humanities and Law (University of Leicester) in 2013.


  • I actively pursue pedagogic and academic research.
  • Pedagogy Research into Legal Skills Development
  • Utilities Regulation and Consumer Protection



  • Canto-Lopez, M. (2020). Politicas, Regulacion y Control de los Servicios Urbanos del Agua en el Reino Unido. In El Control de la Colaboracion Privada en la Gestion de los Servicios Urbanos del Agua (pp. 311-332). Tirant lo Blanch. 
  • Canto-Lopez, M. (2020). Introducing Group Work and Professional Writing in a British Law School: A practical Assignment and Students’ perception inside the Liberal v Vocational Law Degree Dichotomy, Revista Jurídica de Investigación e Innovación Educativa, 22(1), 73-96.  doi:10.24310/REJIE.2020.v0i22.7906 
  • Canto-Lopez, M., Amos, M., & Jensen Reventlow, N. (2019). Ruusunen v Findland. In Feminist Judgments in International Law (pp. 27 pages). Hart Publishing. 
  • Canto-Lopez, M. (2018). New challenges in the UK legal Education Landscape: TEF, SQE and the Law Teacher. Revista Juridica de Investigacion e Innovacion Educativa, volume 18 (June), 11-30.  doi:10.24310/REJIE.2018.v0i18.5054 
  • Canto-Lopez, M. (2018). New tendencies in enforcement by public regulators in the UK: voluntary redress and consumers in the energy sector. In Servicios de interes general y proteccion de los usuarios (pp. 315-335). Dykinson. 
  • Canto-Lopez, M. (2016). Ofgem's Recent Trends in Enforcement: Settlements, Redress and the Consumer's Interest. Utilities Law Review, Volume 12(2), 66-71. 
  • Watkins, D., & Canto-Lopez, M. (2016). Working with law students to develop legal literacy materials. LAW TEACHER, 50(2), 195-208. doi:10.1080/03069400.2015.1064668 
  • Canto-Lopez, M. (2014). Towards Dual or Multiple Attribution: The Strasbourg Court and Liability of Contracting Parties’ Troops Contributed to the United Nations, International Organizations Law Review, 10 (2) 193-222. 


  • Law of Tort (module convenor)
  • Analysing the the English Legal System


  • January 2020, Prize for the book Feminist Judgements in International Law (I co-authored one chapter) for a Preeminent Contribution to Creative Scholarship by the American Society of International Law.
  • November 2019, People Champion in the Discovering Excellence Staff Awards
  • July 2019, University Distinguished Teaching Fellow
  • June 2018, Merit Award for Teaching and Research, University of Leicester
  • March 2018, Named Inspirational Woman, University of Leicester
  • December 2013, Awarded the Doctoral Prize by the College of Arts, Humanities and Law, University of Leicester
  • September 2008, Awarded the University of Leicester Anniversary Scholarship (1 of 2 scholarships awarded in Law)


Licenciado (Universidad de Malaga), LLM (Leicester), PhD (Leicester), PG Cert Academic Practice, Senior Fellow HEA
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