John Hartshorne

Associate Professor

School/Department: Law, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2363



I initially qualified as a barrister specialising in civil law matters before becoming a university lecturer in 1995. I have delivered undergraduate and postgraduate teaching across a number of subjects as well as undertaking supervision of doctoral research students. My current teaching profile consists of delivering undergraduate teaching in the Law of Tort and Law of Evidence modules. I have held a number of senior administrative positions such as undergraduate sub-dean and examinations officer. I currently act as a year tutor to a group of around 100 undergraduate students.


My research interests centre upon the law of obligations, particularly the law of tort. Within this area I have developed a special interest in how the law of obligations currently affords protection for personal privacy. I have written a number of publications and delivered several conference papers upon this area. I am currently writing a monograph titled 'Tort Law and the Protection of Privacy'.




Hartshorne, J (with Allen, D and Martin, R), Damages in Tort (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2000)

Refereed journal publications

Hartshorne, J, 'The Standard of Liability in Claims for Misuse of Private Information' (2021) 13 Journal of Media Law 211-237

Hartshorne, J, 'The Need for an Intrusion upon Seclusion Privacy Tort within English Law' (2017) 46 Common Law World Review 287-305

Hartshorne, J, 'The Protection of Prosser's Privacy Categories within English Tort Law' (2014) 22 Torts Law Journal 37-55

Hartshorne, J, 'Contemporary Approaches towards Pure Economic Loss in the Law of Negligence' [2014] Journal of Business Law 425-442

Hartshorne, J, 'An Appropriate Remedy for the Publication of False Private Information' (2012) 4 Journal of Media Law 93-115 
Hartshorne, J, 'The Value of Privacy' (2010) 2 Journal of Media Law 67-84 

Hartshorne, J, 'Confusion, Contradiction and Chaos within the House of Lords post Caparo v Dickman' (2008) 16 Tort Law Review 8-22 

Hartshorne, J, 'Damages for Contractual Mental Distress after Farley v Skinner' (2006) 22 Journal of Contract Law 118-38

Hartshorne, J, (with Everton, R and Smith, N), 'Caparo Under Fire: a Study into the Effects Upon the Fire Service of Liability in Negligence' (2000) 63 Modern Law Review 502-522



I am happy to consider proposals relating to the protection of privacy at common law and proposals relating to other aspects of tort law.


Undergraduate Law of Tort
Undergraduate Law of Evidence

Press and media

Protection of privacy at common law
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