Professor John Bridges

Professor of Planetary Science

John Bridges

School/Department: Physics & Astronomy, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2007


Address: Room 220 Space Park Leicester, 106 Michael Atiyah Annexe (main campus)






Professor John Bridges

Space Park Leicester Rm 220 and Main Campus, Michael Atiyah Annexe Rm 106



2018- Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy

2015- Professor of Planetary Sciences University of Leicester

2013- Project Scientist National Space Centre

2013- Visiting Professor IRAP Toulouse

2012-2015 Reader University of Leicester

2012- Science Associate JPL

2007- RCUK Fellow University of Leicester

2005-2011 Associate Lecturer Open University

2003-2007 Beagle2 and Planetary Science researcher Open University

2003- UCLA and NASA Johnson Space Center 1992-2003 Mineralogy Department NHM

1988-1992 PhD Open University


My research and that of my team aims include to understand water-rock reactions in the martian crust and differentiation of the lithosphere. Remote observations by the CaSSIS and HiRISE orbital cameras enable us to see colour and high resolution views of Mars and plan for the planned ExoMars2028 rover landing and Mars Sample Return. As part of Mars Science Laboratory we study the composition and mineralogy of the Mars surface.

Our early Solar System research centres on analyses of primitive meteorites Comet Wild2 grains and analyses of Asteroid Itokawa and Ryugu grains returned by the JAXA Hayabusa missions. Embedded in our research are a range of analytical techniques - including electron microscopy and related techniques at the Diamond synchrotron.


Scopus Field Weighted Impact Factor 2.83, H index 58, >16,000 citations


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Recent PhD Students and Topics

F. Willcocks (2024-) UKSA funded to study Mars Science Laboratory data and analogues for Mars Sample Return

N. Topping (2021-) STFC Funded to study planetary materials with TEM and synchrotron techniques

L. Adam (2019-) STFC-funded PhD to Study Mars Sample Return Technology

D. Bowden (2018-2023) STFC-funded PhD to Study Mars with MSL ChemCam data and ExoMars Raman

G. Hall (2017-2021) Co-supervisor on STFC-funded PhD on MIXS preparation for BepiColombo Mercury science activities.

A. Parkes-Bowen (2017-2022)  STFC-funded PhD to study Mars with CaSSIS and HiRISE imagery and Mars instrumentation.

R. Seidel (2017-2021) OU-UoL project to study mineralogy and Ar-Ar age dating of Mars analogues

J. Piercy (2016-2020) L STFC-funded PhD to study martian samples and instrumentation for Mars and Europa missions

C. Bedford (2015-2019) OU NERC funded project to study water-rock reaction at Gale Crater with Mars Science Laboratory data.

P. Edwards (2013-2017) UKSA-funded studentship to study MSL data and Raman spectroscopy in preparation for future missions.

J. MacArthur (2014-2018) STFC-funded PhD to study martian and cometary samples.


In the Academic year 2022-23 I taught Foundation Course Mechanics2,  PA3606 Planetary Physics (module lead), PA4607 Advanced Space Science,  2nd year laboratories, SEEDS MSc planetary science module.

I supervise Foundation Year and undergraduate tutees, SURE and Paneth student internships and 3rd and 4th year Physics undergraduate projects on a range of planetary science and materials topics.

Press and media

Planetary Science in particular Mars science missions; asteroidal, cometary and martian planetary materials and meteorites.  Sample Return missions e.g. Mars Sample Return, Hayabusa, Stardust


Mission and Advisory Roles

2023- Mars Sample Return mission Science Definition Team

2023- STFC Science Board

2020-2022 Chair UKSA Space Exploration Advisory Committee

2020- STFC Solar System Advisory Panel and UKSA Science Programme Advisory Committee

2019- Hayabusa2 Fine Grained Mineralogy team

2018- UK Exploration Oversight Committee REXOC

2015-2023 EPSL Editorial Advisory Board

2013- HiRISE Co-I

2013- ExoMars2022 Landing Site Group RSOWG

2013- Hayabusa Sample Allocation Committee

2012-14 UKSA Space Exploration Advisory Committee

2011- MSL Participating Scientist (reselected 2015, 2022) and MSL ChemCam team

2010- CaSSIS Co-I 2008- Mars Sample Return planning team (iMARS 2008).

2007- Co-I MIXS X-ray telescope 2007- ExoMars PanCam Co-I

2006- Stardust Mineralogy team member

2003- Beagle2


Learned Societies: Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society, Geological Society, Member of the Meteoritical Society


Four NASA achievement awards for Stardust team analyses Mars Science Laboratory and ChemCam teamwork. NASA achievement award for iMars Mars Sample Return team study.


Recent Meetings Organised

June 2024 British Planetary Science Conference to be held at SPL, NSC

Sept 2023  UKSA funded workshop at SPL on MSR ground based instrumentation

July 2022 Programme organizing committee of Meteoritical Society meeting.

July 2021 Mars session National Astronomy Meeting

May 2019 Local organiser 2nd Mars Sample Science Planning Group College Court Leicester

Nov 2018 ExoMars Landing Site Selection Conference National Space Centre

Nov. 2016 Crustal Differentiation on Mars: A New Perspective Forty years After Viking. RAS meeting

Aug. 2016 Scientific Programme Committee Meteoritical Society Berlin

Sept. 2015 Mars Session Organiser - European Planetary Science Congress Sept.

2013 Organiser of the Mars Science Laboratory Session at European Planetary Science Congress

2013 Organiser of the Royal Astronomical Society meeting 3rd UK in the Aurora Meeting.

2011 European Planetary Science Congress session co-organiser about ExoMars instrumentation and science.

2011 Royal Astronomical Society meeting ‘UK in the Aurora Mars programme’

2009 Co-organised the UKSA-sponsored ‘Habitability and Landing Sites on Mars’ workshop.

Dec. 2008 Royal Astronomical Society meeting ‘UK in the Aurora Mars programme’.

Oct. 2007 Royal Astronomical Society meeting ‘Early Solar System Processes’. "


I maintain a strong record of outreach work based on my work at the University and also with the National Space Centre as a project Scientist. I have given over 100 talks about Mars early Solar System and other planetary science topics to schools astronomy geology societies National Space Centre our University open days UK academic departments and media interviews. @LeicsPlanets

Most recently I led the 2021 Royal Society Summer online Exhibition - Exploring Mars which centred on the UK and ESA's preparations for the ExoMars lander.

I have published regularly in the national and international media, about topics including the Chinese space programme Hayabusa2 and Mars exploration with, for instance, The Conversation articles registering over 160000 readers internationally. @LeicsPlanets 

Media coverage

I have given media interviews on planetary science Mars and early Solar System exploration to: BBC Click, BBC Radio4, BBC Scotland, Radio Leicester BBC E. Midlands, Stargazing Live, Sky at Night, ITV Central, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, New York Times,, Washington Post, BBC online, Leicester Mercury etc. 


BSc, Dip.Phys.Sci., PhD, SFHEA, FGS, FRAS

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