Dr Jenny Shepherd


School/Department: Engineering, School of


Address: Michael Atiyah Room 220


Jenny Shepherd joined the University of Leicester as a Lecturer in 2019 after postdoctoral positions at QMUL and the University of Cambridge. With a background in Materials Science in general and more specifically Biomaterials, her research focuses on the engineering of three-dimensional structures for Tissue Engineering and Drug Discovery. Previously holding roles as PGR Tutor for Engineering and Deputy Director of Postgraduate Research for the College of Science and Engineering she is now the Deputy Director of Education for the School of Engineering.



Jenny's research  focuses on the production and characterisation of  biomimetically inspired structures for tissue regeneration, drug delivery and drug discovery. She has a significant track record in the creation of collagen based structures through lyophilisation and her lab has an AdVantage ProXL freeze-dryer for the production of such structures. Previously researching in applications of orthopaedics, cardiovascular, cancer and platelet generation she is always keen to collaborate.

Other interests include FEA for orthopaedics, applications of electroplating to bone repair and applications of AI and machine learning to industrial steel production

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Current PhD students:

Xiaoan Yang (co-supervised with Prof Hong Dong, NISCO funded) - Numerical Modelling for the Control of Inclusion and improvement of mechanical properties in Clean Steel Production

Yizhuo Wang (second supervisor - Prof Jingzhe Pan, CSC funded) - Biomimicry in Meniscal Repair - chemistry, structure and function

Swarna Kasi (in collaboration with Mustafa Zakkar, Cardiovascular Sciences, UoL F100) - Perivascular biodegradable mesh for the controlled delivery of the corticosteroid dexamethasone for treatment of vein graft disease



EG2111 - Materials and Structures

EG3422 - Aerospace Materials and Structures

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