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I received a BSc (Hons) in Biology from the University of Nottingham (1997) where I developed an interest in plant genetics. I pursued applying this knowledge to improve plant varieties by undertaking an MSc in Crop protection at the University of Bristol (1998). This was followed by a PhD at HRI-Warwick to understand and potentially delay the post-harvest yellowing of broccoli (2002). As a post-doctoral fellow I worked in the groups of Professor Chris Franklin and Dr. Gareth Jones (University of Birmingham) to identify and characterise key genes involved in meiotic recombination in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. The knowledge and tools were transferred to barley (Hordeum vulgare) to open up inaccessible areas of the genome to recombination so that desirable traits can be bred together and undesirable traits selected out. I became a lecturer at the University of Leicester in 2013 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2017. I'm currently pursuing an interest in crop genetics as well as using model systems to gain a greater understanding of meiotic recombination to improve crop varieties for the challenges of the 21st Century.


The focus of our research is to unravel the mechanisms governing meiotic crossover frequency and distribution in model plants and crop species including Arabidopsis, barley, wheat and rice. Genetic cytogenetic and genomic techniques are used to answer fundamental biological questions regarding the function of meiotic genes that ensure correct chromosome pairing synapsis and crossing over to promote balanced segregation of chromosomes into haploid gametes. One of the outstanding mysteries is how the synaptonemal complex proteins mediate crossover patterning and we aim to further elucidate and translate this knowledge into breeding programmes.



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We are interested in investigating factors controlling meiotic recombination in plants including Arabidopsis, barley and wheat. At biological level this is important for plant fertility, especially with a warming climate, but also the fundamental mechanisms governing crossover number and position.

PhD projects are offered in these general areas; applicants are encouraged to think of projects that would match their own areas of interest and complement our other activities. Please contact me for further information or to discuss project ideas. Active PhD projects are advertised on


I convene and teach the MSc in Molecular Genetics. I also teach 2nd year Bioinformatics and 1st year Biodiversity and behaviour

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I am a member of the Genetics Society and Royal Society of Biology


I recently organised the British Meiosis Meeting conference at the University of Leicester (May 2022) and have attended the EMBO Meiosis conference since 2005, the Plant and Animal Genome Conference since 2009 and Gordon Meiosis Conference since 2006. 

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PhD University of Birmingham (2002)

MSc University of Bristol (1998)

BSc University of Nottingham (1997)

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