Dr David Guttery

Lecturer in Cancer Early Detection

School/Department: Genetics and Genome Biology, Department of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3181


Address: Leicester Cancer Research Centre, College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester, Room 425, Level 4, Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building, Leicester Royal Infirmary, PO BOX 65, Leicester LE2 7LX, United Kingdom





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Dr Guttery is the lecturer in Cancer Early Detection in the Leicester Cancer Research Centre (LCRC), whose research focuses on translational studies using artificial intelligence and liquid biopsy for the detection and monitoring of cancer.

Dr Guttery is also the postgraduate tutor for the LCRC and responsible for recruitment, development and well-being of all PhD students who are trained in the department.

Dr Guttery’s research also focuses on the cell biology of the malaria parasite Plasmodium, particularly during the mosquito stages of its life-cycle and how reversible protein phosphorylation plays a key role during these stages.



Dr Guttery’s research is focused on the utility of circulating tumour DNA, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), towards earlier detection and monitoring of cancer.

Over the past ten years, Dr Guttery has worked on earlier detection of acquired resistance to hormone therapies in metastatic breast cancer, as part of Professor Jacqui Shaw's CRUK-funded programme.

This has now expanded into using ctDNA for monitoring endometrial cancer relapse, as part of a wider gynaecological research group led by Dr Esther Moss. 

Dr Guttery has recently developed a collaboration with Dr Harriet Walter and Dr Oladejo Olaleye, looking at improving PET/CT accuracy post-treatment, and predicting relapse through the combination of ctDNA analysis with AI. Dr Guttery also has an exciting collaboration ongoing with Professor Yudong Zhang of the School of Informatics that looks to improve medical imaging methods for breast and other cancers using machine-learning. 

Dr Guttery is also focused on the development of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium in the mosquito midgut, unravelling the cell biology and molecular mechanisms regulating cell division and reversible protein phosphorylation, with a view to developing new therapeutics to combat the disease, in collaboration with Professor Rita Tewari of the University of Nottingham.



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Dr Guttery currently supervises PhD projects looking at the utility of ctDNA for earlier detection and monitoring of cancer, as well as joint projects with colleagues in the School of Informatics in improving diagnostic imaging using artificial intelligence.


Dr Guttery is a course co-convenor for MSc Cancer Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics, and also teaches the following modules:

  • BS3031 - Human Genetics
  • BS3003 - Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology
  • MB1080 - Introduction to Medical Sciences

Press and media

  • Blood tests for cancer
  • Artificial intelligence in earlier diagnosis
  • Malaria


  • Steering Committee Member - ECMC Junior Investigator Networking Group (JING)
  • Higher Education Academy - Fellow
  • Member - European Network for Individualised Treatment in Endometrial Cancer (ENITEC)
  • Associate Editor - Oncogene
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