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Prof. Damian Roland is an experienced Paediatric Emergency Medicine clinician scientist with considerable experience in the development of educational resources and their evaluation especially e-health technologies. He has an international profile in the utilization of scoring systems to improve the recognition of ill and injured children in emergency and acute care settings. The Paediatric Observation Priority Score developed by Prof. Roland is highlighted by the Intercollegiate Committee on Standards of Care for Children and Young People in emergency settings. He has a strong interest in Social Media as a means of Knowledge Translation using the twitter account @damian_roland (15000+ followers) and blog He has strong connections with both the Royal Colleges of Emergency Medicine and Paediatrics and Child Health and sits on the Paediatric Emergency Medicine Advisory Group for both organisations. As head of service of Children’s Emergency Department of the Leicester Royal Infirmary he is already well placed to move forward initiatives with the local integrated care system.


Identification of Sick Children in Acute Care Settings

Scoring Systems in Children's Acute and Emergency Care 

Social Media as a means of Knowledge Translation

Evaluation of methods to assess training and educational interventions


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Scoring systems in Children's Emergency Care


MSc - Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Press and media

Able to provide information on


Children's Emergency Department care

Utilisation of Health Services by Children

Social Media use in Medicine


Prof. Roland has undertaken formal media training for both Television and Radio. 

Media coverage

"A&Es 'overwhelmed' by children with mild winter viruses, doctors warn" BBC June 2021 

"How do you treat a child with fever" The Doctor who gave up drugs, BBC One, 2018 


BMedSci (1st Class) Nottingham 1999

BMBS Nottingham 2001

PhD Leicester 2013


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