Top tips for getting the most out of an Open Day

1. Plan your day beforehand using the printed/online programme to make your own personal schedule.

2. Use the campus map to work out which buildings you need to visit.

3. Check the weather forecast and wear appropriate clothing.

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4. Wear comfortable shoes - it's only a small campus, but it can be a busy day.

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5. Remember to factor in enough time for an accommodation visit.

6. ...And for lunch! (Try the University catering outlets or one of the external caterers.)

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7. Make a list of any questions you have beforehand and keep a note of the answers.

8. Take some pictures while you look around campus to look at later on.

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9. Remember to bring your registration number with you (found on your booking confirmation email or sent through the post) to save time at the beginning of the day.

10. If you have any questions before the day, get in touch with us via

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