About the Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour

Our people

We comprise some 50 academic staff (including associated NHS-funded units in Clinical Psychology and Child Psychiatry) with strong professional services support. We teach over 1,000 students across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in both the School of Psychology and School of Biological Sciences. Within the Department we also have a strong teaching-based community across both Psychology and Biological Sciences who form our Education Learning Forum (ELF).

We have a large and thriving community of over 100 postgraduate research students.

Meet our people

Our locations and facilities 

The Department is part of the College of Life Sciences. We are based in the new George Davies Centre. The Department benefits from the purpose-built Pre-clinical Research Facility (PRF), which is a £16 million research facility to support all animal-based research at Leicester. The PRF has state-of-the-art transgenic, small animal imaging, containment and behavioural facilities.

The department has a full range of laboratories. These include

  • Neurochemistry (in vivo) and electrophysiology laboratories
  • Electron microscopy facility
  • Confocal light microscope facility
  • Behavioural testing facilities
  • Dedicated EEG and eye-tracking laboratories
  • A virtual reality laboratory
  • A judgement and decision making laboratory
  • Laboratories dedicated to studies of human memory, attention and visual neuroscience

Staff also have access to laboratory facilities elsewhere in the College and to the Clinical Sciences and Education Libraries such as the Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry laboratory.