True crime wine-tasting event returns to Cardiff to mark Pride Celebrations

Portrait of The three Mr. Wiggins's from Welsh Portrait Collection at the National Library of Wales (Credit: James Gillray)

A popular true crime and wine-tasting evening is returning to Cardiff in June in the lead-up to Pride Cymru weekend.

Wines & ‘Crimes’: Pride and Prejudice is the latest in a series of wine-tasting events at The Corp Market. Hosted by Sara Hobday of Vin Van Cymru and historian Dr Angela Muir (University of Leicester), the event will feature stories that explore queer love in 18th and 19th century Wales.

Each story, which comes from Dr Muir's research on the Great Court Sessions in Wales will focus on the persecution and prosecution of same-sex desire in the past, as well as the historic legal context. Hobday, the founder of Vin Van Cymru, will use her expertise to creatively pair each of the stories with one of the unique wines available in her shop.

The audience will be asked to find a link between the wines and the crimes, and will partake in a game of true crime bingo with prizes to be won. The event will be fun, interactive, informative and an unconventional celebration of love in all of its forms.

Taking place on Wednesday, 19th June, Wines & ‘Crimes’: Pride and Prejudice falls in the week leading up to Pride Cymru weekend, which celebrates and commemorates the LGBTQ+ liberation movement. It is aimed at true crime enthusiasts and wine lovers alike.

Sara Hobday and Dr Angela Muir (right). (Credit: University of Leicester)

Dr Angela Muir is a Lecturer in British Social and Cultural History and the Director of the Centre for Regional and Local History at the University of Leicester. Dr Muir is an expert in 18th-century history with a particular focus on gender, deviance, and crime in Wales and England. She is based in Cardiff.

Vin Van Cymru is an independent wine shop based at The Corp Market in Cardiff. The shop carries a wide range of affordable and interesting wines - including an impressive collection of Welsh wines. This is the fifth Wines and Crimes event hosted to date by Vin Van Cymru and Dr Muir.

Dr Angela Muir said: “This is a brilliant way to explore and celebrate queer Welsh lives and love in the past that you won’t find in most history books. Pairing these stories with amazing wines expertly chose by Sara adds to the fun and celebration. Sara has a way of sharing her knowledge in a fun and engaging way, so whether you know a little or a lot about wine already, you’ll definitely have a great time.”

Sara Hobday said: “I love looking for creative ways to engage people with wine, and these events are a fantastic platform for this. Combining history with a wine tasting experience has been so much fun. Angela has such a special way of bringing history alive that you’re guaranteed an entertaining evening”

More information about Wine & ‘Crimes’: Pride and Prejudice can be found here.