Research group appeals for local parents

Are you interested in the health and wellbeing of babies and young children in Leicester and Leicestershire? 

The Leicester City Football Club (LCFC) Programme of Research at the University of Leicester is seeking help to improve its work into the health of babies and young children and would like to hear from parents.

Led by Elaine Boyle, the LCFC Professor in Child Health, the team is trying to find out how different factors in the early life of babies and children can affect their health, development and wellbeing. 

It is looking for parents from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and representatives from relevant organisations such as early years settings, schools and healthcare, to join the Parent and Public Advisory Group (PPAG). 

The PPAG meets with the research team a few times a year to ask the group for ideas and feedback on research plans, information given to parents through its studies and on how it can effectively let others know about its work. No special qualifications are required to join and those attending are paid for doing so.

LCFC Professor in Child Health, Elaine Boyle said: “We’re proud to be working to improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of children in and around Leicester. We want our research to answer important questions that really matter to local people and families from all backgrounds and parts of the city. 

“This is not an expert role – we want to hear from people with real world experience of children’s needs and knowledge of their communities – no matter who they are."

The Leicester City Football Club (LCFC) Professorship was established following a generous donation from LCFC to the University of Leicester. The donation is being used to fund research that aims to improve the health of Leicester’s children, both today and in the future. 

Known for carrying out research to improve survival and long-term outcomes for babies born early, The LCFC Programme of Research in Child Health is part of The Infant Mortality and Morbidity Studies (TIMMS) research group at the University of Leicester. 

If you are would like to join the PPAG, please send your name, address, a little bit of information about you and why you would like to join the group to Professor Elaine Boyle via: