Endometrial cancer conference will bring experts together to discuss treatment advances

Dr Esther Moss

A gynaecological oncology expert from the University of Leicester will speak about surgical developments including robotic surgery at a conference for endometrial cancer this month. 

The conference, hosted by the Royal Society of Medicine, takes place on January 25 and will focus on treatments and advances in care for endometrial cancer. It is aimed at medical and healthcare practitioners and will highlight recent progress in molecular knowledge of the disease and multi-disciplinary treatment, along with the latest cutting-edge results which are setting standards in endometrial cancer management.

Topics for discussion include molecular testing in clinical practice, surgical options for the newly-diagnosed, adjuvant radiotherapy decisions in endometrial cancer, molecular classification and staging, the standard of care, and how to treat recurrent or advanced endometrial cancer beyond immunotherapy, among others. 

Dr Esther Moss is Associate Professor of Gynaecological Oncology at the University of Leicester and will discuss surgical options for newly diagnosed patients including laparoscopic and robotic surgery, highlighting potential barriers faced by patients.

“Minimally invasive surgery, both standard keyhole (laparoscopic) and robotic-assisted surgery are associated with significantly less complications and shorter recovery times compared to open surgery,” she said.

“Developments in surgical technology have meant that a greater proportion of endometrial cancer patients are able to benefit from minimally invasive surgery but some patients still experience barriers in accessing such treatment.

“Robotic-assisted surgery in particular appears to offer benefits for patients who have a high body mass index as well as being less physically demanding for the surgeon.”

Research by Dr Moss includes the physical and cognitive impact of performing surgery on the surgeon, surgical outcomes for high-risk patients and disparities in uterine cancer mortality between ethnic groups.

The all-day conference, ‘A new era for endometrial cancer: Treatment advances transforming care’ takes place at the Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street, London. For more information and to buy a ticket visit the RCM webpage