International Lifetime Achievement Award in Empathy presented at pioneering educational course

Professor Jeremy Howick

Two giants from the world of empathic healthcare have received international Lifetime Achievement Awards during a pioneering educational course in Leicester.

Professor Jodi Halpern, of the University of California, and Professor Stewart Mercer, of the University of Edinburgh, were among the keynote speakers at the Educating for Empathy in Healthcare course which taught clinicians, educators and academics how to teach empathy to healthcare students and practitioners.

However, the academics were taken by surprise when they were presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards by the course organisers from The Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare based at the University of Leicester.

Stoneygate Centre Director Professor Jeremy Howick said: “We were honoured to present our first ever Lifetime Achievement Awards to Jodi and Stewart. 

“Jodi is a leading thinker, speaker, consultant and researcher on empathy and leadership, AI ethics and mental health as well as the author of the thought-provoking book ‘From detached concern to empathy: Humanizing medical practice’.

“Meanwhile, Stewart developed the Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) measure and is recognised internationally for his research on multimorbidity, empathy and the inverse care law.

“Their work in the field of empathic healthcare is phenomenal and we were thrilled that, along with our other incredible speakers, they were able to share their expertise during our latest course for healthcare education leaders from across the UK.”


Professor Jeremy Howick (left) with Professors Jodi Halpern and Stewart Mercer

Professor Halpern and Professor Mercer received their awards on the second day of the three-day course which featured a range of sessions, including how to teach emotional curiosity, developing and delivering scalable online empathy interventions and designing an evidence-based empathy curriculum.

Professor Howick added: “This course is one of the many ways that our centre is pioneering a robust new approach to medical education and training that positions empathy at the heart of healthcare.

“Research shows that a more empathic approach to healthcare can nurture greater trust between patients and practitioners, calm anxiety, improve patient outcomes and enhance patient experience.

“Practicing empathically can also help professionals to build greater resilience and help them to cope with the pressures of fast-paced healthcare systems.”

  • More information about The Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare is available by visiting its webpages