International conference on space security and safety to take place at Space Park Leicester

Experts, researchers, policymakers and industry professionals from around the world will gather at Space Park Leicester later this month to exchange knowledge on space security and safety.

The International Conference about “Space Security and Safety Dimensions” on Thursday September 28 and Friday 29 September will provide a platform for participants to explore the challenges, opportunities, and advancements in the field of space security and safety. 

The two days will be dedicated to presentations and comprehensive discussions involving all attendees as well as an excursion to explore Space Park Leicester opportunities, a networking session and refreshments and a visit to the National Space Centre. Those that cannot attend in person are invited to attend online.

Dr Inesa Kostenko, Fellow Researcher, University of Leicester, said: “Join us at the Space Security and Safety Conference, where we will foster collaboration among global professionals, policymakers, and researchers. Together, we will address emerging challenges such as space debris and cybersecurity, promoting best practices and innovation.

“We aim to educate, raise awareness, and encourage multidisciplinary approaches while facilitating networking and professional development. Our goal is to drive international cooperation, paving the way for holistic solutions. Moreover, your contributions can advance space law through publication in the prestigious Ukrainian journal, Advanced Space Law. Let's protect our shared future in space, one collaborative step at a time."

Up to 12 speakers representing various expertise in the field of space security and safety will be present at the event. In addition to the experts University of Leicester students have been invited to attend.

Those wishing to attend the event online must register to attend through Space Park Leicester’s Eventbrite page or by clicking here.