Pint of Science festival returns to Leicester

Tickets have launched for the world’s largest festival of public science talks, which will see more than 20 scientists take to the stage in venues across Leicester.

On 22-24 May, the Pint of Science festival will simultaneously bring thousands of scientists and their research out of the lab and into pubs, cafes and community halls near you. The three-day festival has grown astronomically since its inception, and 2023 will see its tenth anniversary with events in over 25 countries and hundreds of cities around the world. Each night will provide a unique line up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments held in a relaxed and informal environment.

Leicester based researchers will be speaking at venues across the city, including Peters Pizzeria and The Globe. Tickets are available from the Pint of Science website (, costing just £5 each. Attendees in Leicester will enjoy a variety of exciting talks including:

Listen to a range of topics including “A 4000 Year Old Gold Working Toolkit From Britain”, “Vision And Our Changing Visual World”, “What's In A Name? Uncovering Leicestershire Woodlands”, “Plastic Girl In A Plastic World” and “Did The Earth Move For You, Too?”.

Kelly McCormack, City Coordinator said “As always the content coming out of our planning teams has brought some amazing and exciting titles for the Pint of Science Leicester 2023 programme.  As well as our dedicated volunteers, Pint of Science relies on ticket money to keep going so it would be wonderful to see as many people attend as possible and listen to some wonderful research updates!”

Pint of Science founders Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Michael Motskin wanted to bring back the personal touch to science. From three cities back in 2013 to hundreds of cities this year, the festival continues to showcase the brilliant work happening on our doorsteps. Events provide a platform for researchers to share their stories, and audiences an opportunity to ask their questions about science to those directly behind it.

“It’s hard to believe that a small one-off project between a few friends has turned into thousands of events over ten years! Pint of Science would not be possible without our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers across the country who work so hard to show you the inspiring research happening on our doorsteps”, says Co-Founder Dr Praveen Paul. “Our programme is packed full of events, which will inspire, challenge and encourage us all to be curious. The only difficulty is choosing which of the brilliant events to go to!”

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