University first to freeze Brexit student fees

The University of Leicester has today announced that EU, EEA and Swiss student nationals will not be required to pay increased tuition fees, which will be introduced under new Government Brexit rules.

The announcement, made during International Education Week, makes the University one of the first in the UK to freeze fees and take on the additional cost next year.

New Government rules mean EU students will have to pay 50 per cent more than their British counterparts - for example, tuition costs for BEng Aerospace Engineering will increase from £9,250 to £21,515, and from £9,250 to £17,450 for BA Business and Management studies. 

Cyprus High Commissioner Andreas Kakouris, who has worked with the University of Leicester for more than 20 years, said:

“The decision of the University to grant home fee status to all European nationals is highly appreciated by my Government but, importantly, by the impacted students themselves.”

Third-year Criminology student, Andrea Alvarez Lamas, age 20, from Spain, added:

"I am so lucky I came to the university before Brexit because I would have never been able to afford the higher fees.

“I think it is so sad that so many EU students will not be able to live the amazing university experience in the UK because of the Government’s plans to increase EU students' fees."

More than 450,000 students from overseas study at UK universities each year, with one-third from EU countries.