Free comedy theatre show on Victorian mental health treatments

Audiences are being invited to take a step back into the Victorian Era on Thursday 7 November for a free event at the University of Leicester taking a comical look at the historical diagnosis and treatments for mental health issues.

Time Travel Treatment Room is a free 20-minute comedy theatre show with a serious message in which a 19th century doctor, matron and nurse will explain the obvious scientific benefits of techniques such as cold water hydrotherapy, Phrenology and lobotomy. From the ludicrous to the downright terrifying, all these ideas were once seriously argued as treatments for what we now recognise as issues affecting people’s mental health.

Time Travel Treatment Room is being presented by local theatre company Enter Edem for three performances in the University’s David Wilson Library on Thursday 7 November, at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm. Places are free but limited so must be booked in advance.