Recognising the differing health needs of Leicester’s diverse population

The 'Remedies and Reasons’ exhibition, taking place from 29 September – 13 October, uses body art to showcase what health and wellbeing means to individuals

An upcoming exhibition will showcase the perceptions local people across Leicester have towards health and mental wellbeing - through the medium of body art.

The exhibition, ‘Remedies and Reasons’, runs between 29 September – 13 October and explores a deeper, more personal view of what health and wellbeing means to individuals, with intent to serve as a reminder that we all have our own view of what it means to be well.

Concept Body Artist Emma Fay has worked with participants of the Community Learning Project (CLiP), the West Indian Senior Citizens Leicester Ageing Together Project and members of the public to understand their impressions of health and captured and how mental wellbeing plays a role in this. Following one-to-one interviewing, Emma has visually portrayed their perceptions of health and mental wellbeing through the medium of body art.

Emma said: “It has been a pleasure getting to know the participants involved in the project, their stories and ideas around why health matters are what directly inspires the artworks within the ‘Remedies and Reasons’ exhibition. I would hope anyone coming into contact with the work will be inspired and touched by the lives of the people depicted.”

The exhibition was coordinated by Pamela Campbell-Morris, Community Engagement Officer, who said that health is everyone's business and that our mental health is equally as important as our physical health.

The exhibition is funded by the University of Leicester’s ‘Health Matters’ community engagement project, thanks to the generosity of the Edith Murphy Foundation.

Recognising the differing health needs of Leicester’s diverse population, ‘Health Matters’ runs community-specific campaigns of current and important health issues 

A major focus lies in supporting better mental health and wellbeing by providing a space for open dialogue and helping to reduce stigma through a programme of community-based events under the banner of ‘Wellbeing Matters’.

Dr Marie Nugent, Public Engagement Manager from the University of Leicester’s College of Life Sciences, said: “There is a huge issue around representation of diverse people in many settings, not least of all healthcare systems and universities. 

"Our hope with ’Remedies and Reasons’ is to give a voice to an underrepresented group, within which there is a lot of stigma and issues with accessing mental health support, to highlight how everyone has their own view of being well and celebrating that diversity in a positive way - in a health area that remains very difficult for a lot of people to talk openly about.”

The launch of the exhibition is part of a community event funded by the Health Matters campaign titled ‘Hats, Caps, Wraps and Fros’ - a ticketed event on Saturday 29 September based at the African-Caribbean Centre in Leicester. 

The exhibition, ‘Remedies and Reasons’, will be on display and open to the public  between 29 September – 13 October, Monday – Friday between 9am - 6pm; and on Saturday between 9am - 2pm at the African Caribbean Centre, Maidstone Rd, Leicester. 

Individuals can get in touch with the team if they want to host the exhibition locally by contacting: