Space for Growth breakfast event

Join us for breakfast on Tuesday 6 November 2018, and discover how Leicester and Leicestershire’s future space opportunities will take a giant leap forward with Space Park Leicester and boost our local development prospects into orbit. 

This free networking event will feature a panel discussion involving the key business, educational and political leaders that are thrusting forward our area’s vision for growth, and making dreams of a new Space Park here in Leicester a reality. Events start at 8.00am at the National Space Centre.

Our position as a centre of excellence and innovation in space technology is complemented by a diverse and thriving economy in Leicester and Leicestershire. New developments are delivering state-of-the-art work spaces, new housing for the region’s workforce, and new space for economic development across our two Enterprise Zones. All this and more makes our local economy the perfect environment for investment. 

Hear from Sir John Peace (Midlands Engine Chair), Sir Peter Soulsby (City Council) and Cllr Nick Rushton (County Council) about how Leicester and Leicestershire’s investment opportunities will help our local and regional economy to thrive. Learn from Professor Paul Boyle (University of Leicester) about the key role Space Park Leicester will play, and find out how we will promote our vision to the world at MIPIM 2019 with Team Leicester. 

Space Park Leicester will not only provide research, education and training opportunities within space-related industries but it will be a significant global hub for businesses.

Professor Paul Boyle of the University of Leicester said: “The chance to share news of the opportunities that will be afforded by Space Park Leicester is hugely exciting. The new development will be at the forefront of technological innovation for decades to come, and the opportunities for both economic growth and job creation will have a lasting positive effect on Leicester and Leicestershire.”

Local businesses will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by this exciting development, and will be able to learn more and make key contacts at this breakfast event.

Peter Soulsby, Leicester’s City Mayor, said: “Leicester has a growing reputation around the world for its expertise and innovation in space technology. We are already home to the hugely popular National Space Centre and components designed and made in Leicester have been a feature of the International Space Station since 1998. Our local academics, engineers and scientists have made huge contributions to space research, and the industry is becoming a vital economic force in the city. Now, with ambitious plans for a new space park, we’re helping to secure an even more prosperous future for the next generation of space engineers in Leicester.”

One of the most thrilling aspects of the event will be the chance to hear about Team Leicester’s strategy for presenting these opportunities for major investment in our local economy at MIPIM 2019 in Cannes. 

MIPIM is an international business festival, which takes place every year in France. It is a chance to show off Leicester and Leicestershire to the wider world, and to meet the great and good of international business. With Leicester’s prime location with excellent local, national and international transport links, and with the level of investment currently being made in Leicester’s high-tech economy, our region is ripe for investment from businesses across the globe. 

Rob McGuinn, Chair of Team Leicester, said: “Team Leicester will be attending MIPIM for the third time, and I’m honoured to chair this incredibly talented team of businesses, decision-makers and local innovators. Our message and strategy could not be clearer: Leicester is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and our local economy is thriving.  ‘Space for Growth’ refers not only to our exciting opportunities for investment in space technologies, but also in sectors across Leicester and Leicestershire, and at our two Enterprise Zones.”

The event begins at 8.00am with breakfast and a chance to network. Introductions to the panel will be made at 8.30am, and the programme of discussions and events is scheduled to get underway at 8.35am.