How do you treat a child with a fever

An expert in child health at our University will help explore the use of common children's medications in an upcoming BBC documentary series.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs presented by Dr Chris van Tulleken returns to BBC One on 23 May and this time he gains some insight from Dr Damian Roland (pictured) from our Department of Health Sciences.

Dr Roland is Honorary Associate Professor in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and a consultant at the University Hospitals of Leicester, whose research is on decision making and spotting ill children. He speaks to Dr van Tulleken about treating in fever in children, and about risk and over use of paracetamol.

His appearance follows a Twitter conversation over a correction to a previous programme that Dr van Tulleken presented, which led to him asking a question about a new series he had planned.

Dr Roland appears in Episode 1 of The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs which will air on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday 23 May.

Watch Dr Roland's appearance in full here: