Using Leicesters landmarks to get children counting

A new book by the School of Education is bringing maths to life for young children across Leicester by using images of familiar locations around the city to help them find numbers and practise counting.

The GTTS-funded publication ‘Counting Crazy’ is aimed at children between the ages of 3-6. Through the book, children count from 1 to 20 and more by going through a tour of Leicester’s well-known locations.

The book features images of notable spots from around the city, including the market place, Town Hall and the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. It also suggests fun activities that parents can use to engage their children in the world of numbers.

On Wednesday 20 June, the book will officially launch with an event from 1pm till 2.30pm in the Fraser Noble Hall, University Road.

Children from local Leicester School Hope Hamilton Primary feature in the photos, and their teachers and family members will join them, along with headteachers from Leicester City Schools, for an afternoon of celebration. On the day, children and teachers will be able to pick up their free copies of the book and take part in a range of interactive counting activities around the room.

Following the launch, the book will be distributed free of charge to children in school years F1, F2 and Year 1 across the city of Leicester.

Professor Rose Griffiths, Head of the School of Education, co-ordinated the project and said: “Counting is the starting point for many aspects of maths and we wanted to provide something families could share with their younger children that had a real Leicester feel to it. We’ve included useful and enjoyable suggestions from children, parents and teachers, and we’re hoping it will get families counting right through the coming year.”

In June 2017, the School of Education launched its ‘Everybody Counts’ initiative, which aimed to provide children aged 4-12 in the local community with imaginative educational materials to help improve their numeracy skills.