Showcasing the Intellectual Property Opportunities from the Midlands Innovation partnership

Through MICRA, Midlands Innovation is establishing the UK's largest, formal technology transfer office collaboration.

With the ambition to create a single gateway to the collective Intellectual Property (IP) resources of the eight Midlands Innovation universities, the first step has been realised through the IP Opportunities listing. Over one hundred and twenty IP opportunities are currently listed drawn from all the Midlands Innovation partners.

The list enables businesses and investors to access the breadth of Midlands Innovation IP in a single location. IP entries on the list are presented alongside a description of the problem the IP seeks to address and contact details to enable follow-up discussions.

Working together to drive jobs and economic growth across the Midlands, the MICRA gateway will also develop the enterprise capacity of the partnership and put in place relationships to help entrepreneurs take their ideas forward.

Dr Alasdair Gaw, Director of Research and Enterprise at Leicester, said: “The MICRA Gateway provides simple, fast access system for potential investors and partners to see the rich depth of innovative disruptive technologies created by Midlands researchers. It also provides a simple and fast way to attract the necessary investment that will accelerate the development and impact of our word leading research.  By working together in open partnership MICRA will enable all the universities to work together to ensure the Midlands is not only at the centre of the country but at the centre of its future economic growth.