Gin: The only tonic to Brexit?

University of Leicester and Burleighs Gin team up to present a delicious way to engage in Brexit debate.

The seemingly endless debate on Brexit has become hard to stomach for many of the British public. That is why the University of Leicester has partnered with Burleighs gin-makers to offer a more enjoyable way to relax and soak up your essential Brexit information: a lecture in a gin bar.

The University will break with tradition by moving away from the lecture theatre and into the bar, using the more unconventional setting of Leicester’s 45 St Martin's Vintners & Bar for a special series of ‘Gin and Topic’ free public lectures.

In the inaugural lecture taking place on Wednesday 12 December, the University of Leicester’s Professor Paul Baines will give a talk entitled “Explaining Cameron's Catastrophe: Brexit and the Public Mind”, which will explore how the UK managed to get into the current Brexit situation and examine the actions of former Prime Minister David Cameron, both in calling for a referendum and implementing the Remain campaign. He will also take questions on the current state of affairs.

The talk is the first in the 'Gin and Topic' series, which are designed to engage the general public on interesting and contemporary academic research topics. By hosting the talks in unconventional venues, the University hopes to reach new audiences and prompt fresh debate.

The public lecture is the latest collaboration between the University and Burleighs. Earlier this year, University of Leicester chemistry students worked with Burleighs' Head Distiller to create new and innovative flavours of gin using different combinations of botanicals which are grown in the University of Leicester Botanic Garden.

Professor Paul Baines, who is Professor of Political Marketing in the School of Business, said: “We are delighted to be working with our partners Burleighs on this exciting initiative to engage the public in our academic work and research. The informality of the setting provides a new approach to engage with academic discussion and will allow us to reach new audiences and have interesting conversations with a wider cross-section of the public. There’s no better place to think and drink than at 45 St Martin's!”

Matt Payne, Managing Director of Burleighs, said: “We have been working with the University of Leicester on a number of exciting initiatives in the last few months. We are always looking to innovate and find new ways of doing business. This seemed like an interesting concept and we think our customers will enjoy the intellectual stimulus while enjoying their favourite drink.”

The free public talk will take place at 6pm on Wednesday 12 December at 45 St Martin's Vintners & Bar, 1-3 Saint Martins, Leicester. Advanced booking is required.