Leicester experts feature in CNBC programme about future of space travel

Professor John Bridges and postgraduate researcher Steve MacLean feature in CNBC's 'The Edge: The Future of Living'.

Experts from our Space Research Centre have recently featured in a CNBC programme, 'The Edge: The Future of Living', where they have discussed the potential prospect of humans inhabiting another planet and living in space, as well as the challenges associated and the technology that can help overcome these.

During the feature, Professor John Bridges and postgraduate researcher Steve MacLean discuss human survival on Mars and the potential ways in which we could shield astronauts from radiation. In order to explore how radiation on Mars could affect humans, the researchers have been measuring the effect of radiation on worms in the hope of applying this knowledge to humans in the future.

The team is hopeful that one day humans will be able to settle on Mars - but caution that it will be a reality that is delivered in stages, and there are many challenges still to overcome.

The episode was widely watched and was broadcast in over 160 countries.

Watch the CNBC clip below:

Will humans one day land on Mars? These scientists think so from CNBC.