The best of both worlds

Becky Lawton, PhD student in the University’s School of History, Politics and International Relations, has recently shared how working collaboratively with our University and the British Library has helped her to build new skills, and pursue the career she wants.

Becky’s PhD on Anglo-Saxon perceptions of the city of Rome is funded through an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership between the British Library and the University of Leicester.

In the British Library's video below, Becky discusses how her project has given her two outlets for research, which has in turn enabled her personal and academic development.

Becky said: “I’ve always been really fascinated by the medieval period, and I’ve always wanted to work on the material culture as much as possible. Everything that I’ve had the opportunity to do over the past couple of years has given me the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills. I have the confidence now to go out and chase the career I want, and I feel that this PhD has equipped me with the skills I need to do that.”