Culture on the Fringe

An upcoming event organised and hosted by Leicester’s CAMEo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies will be exploring the concept of ‘fringe’ culture- how it might be defined, what separates it from the ‘mainstream’, and the opportunities that fringe festivals can give artists and performers.

The free public salon, entitled 'Culture on the Fringe: Making-Up and Managing the Arts Festival' will be taking place at the LCB Depot in Leicester on Wednesday 25 April, commencing at 5.30 pm.

During the evening, guest speakers with experience of working with fringe arts festivals from around the world will consider how the festival scene impacts local, national and international culture, including examples from Melbourne, Edinburgh and Leicester.

The guest speakers for this event are:

  • Mark Gibson (Monash University) ‘Letting up on the Fringe’ on the Fringe to Famous project.
  • Jennie Jordan (DMU) Leicester Comedy Festival – on the fringe or at the heart?
  • Lyndsey Jackson (Director of Operations, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society) Having the largest arts festival in the world on your doorstep.

Dr Stevie Marsden, Research Associate at CAMEo, said: “CAMEo is delighted to be bringing speakers from across the UK - and the world - together for its latest public salon. Fringe culture is playing an increasingly major role in cultural planning and development, so a public conversation about the meaning and impact of ideas of the ‘fringe’ and the impact of fringe festivals on the arts and local communities is a perfect topic for our salon series.”