Leicester professor interviewed for upcoming Canaletto exhibition at the Queens Gallery

Venetian born artist Canaletto is most famous for his iconic cityscapes of 18th Century Venice and London and counted King George III among his numerous fans. As a result of the king’s favour, to this day a sizeable proportion of Canaletto’s work is held by the Royal Collection. A new exhibition titled ‘Canaletto and the Art of Venice’ is being hosted at the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace until 26 November.

Accompanying the exhibition, an immersive film has been produced which will be screened at cinemas across the UK. Leicester’s own Rosemary Sweet, Professor of Urban History, has been interviewed as part of the exhibition’s film. In the video exhibition, Professor Sweet discusses the city’s appeal for British visitors in the eighteenth century and the popularity of Canaletto’s work throughout Western Europe. Professor Sweet’s 2012 monograph Cities and the Grand Tour. The British in Italy c.1690-1820 is also widely cited throughout the exhibition’s catalogue.

Regarding her participation Professor Sweet said: "I was delighted to have been interviewed for this video exhibition. I hope that by showcasing this film around the country, the wonderful work of Canaletto will be more accessible and viewers will discover more about Britain’s engagement with Europe during the 18th century and vice-versa."The video exhibition will be screened around the UK from 26 September 2017.