BBC Asian Network hosts live Big Debate on campus

On Thursday 28 September, BBC Radio Asian Network came to our University to hold a live ‘Big Debate’ show - tackling divisive topics and asking current students important questions about what the 'student experience' means to them.

Hosted by Mobeen Azhar, discussion covered topics such as welfare, finance, freshers' week and fitting into student societies. The debate also broached more sensitive issues such as mental and sexual health, with students sharing their own personal experiences.The first hour consisted of back and forth debate from a range of students from our University and DMU who volunteered to take part in the event.

The second stage of the event was a Q&A with staff from the University and the Students’ Union, offering guidance and information in response to a range of questions. This was followed by live music from Punjabi folk band ‘Dhol Enforcement Agency’ (DEA).

In response to questions about what they will take away from the event, a student said: “I think today has been a really great experience where everyone really came together and had an amazing discussion about societies and views about students life…I want to help other freshers like me who come to University worried that they may be stigmatised for issues with mental health.”

Listen to the full audio on BBC iplayer here