Leicester academic brings attention to a lack of care for women after miscarriage

Dr Corinne Fowler from our School of Arts has recently spoken out about the mistreatment of women and the lack of communication after a miscarriage.

In a recent article for the BBC, Corinne bravely discusses the trauma of her own experience, which happened thirteen years ago. The article stresses the importance of communicating the range of options that are available to women in the aftermath of a miscarriage, helping them to ensure that they can make an informed decision.

Corinne added that "women need to speak out so that other women can come forward to share their experiences of this common yet traumatic experience which deserves to be treated compassionately."

The article follows The Death Before Birth report, carried out by researchers from the Universities of Birmingham and Bristol. The report found that although care was good and improving in many hospitals, it was inconsistent across England, leaving some women feeling misinformed and distressed at a vulnerable time.