Film screening to explore post-prison lives of wrongly convicted individuals

For its inaugural screening Reel Law, Leicester Law School’s film club, is holding a free public screening of BBC documentary ‘Fallout’ and a panel discussion with the film’s director and two of the featured exonerated prisoners. The event will take place at the University of Leicester on Monday 30 October.

The documentary is based on the post-prison lives of four high profile exonerees who were sentenced to death or life – Paddy Hill (UK, Birmingham), Robert Brown (UK), Sunny Jacobs (USA/Ireland) and Peter Pringle (Ireland).

The screening in the University’s Attenborough Film Theatre, forms part of a wider campaign ‘Say I’m Innocent’ for long-serving, exonerated prisoners.

Mark Mc Loughlin, the film’s director, said: “Following their release from prison, exonerees face an unfamiliar world with no services or support of any kind available to them. Many of them end up in a legal limbo with little hope of compensation or real justice.”

“The most important immediate needs for those affected are medical issues, mental health issues, housing, job support etc. Longer term needs include extended mental therapy and long term treatment of medical conditions. As the campaign gains momentum we will aim to meet with the relevant Ministers to instigate change and this campaign will also go to the European Parliament.”

Mc Loughlin will be joined by will be joined by Paddy Hill (Birmingham Six, 17 years) and Robert Brown (25 years) who will give presentations following the screening, along with two experts from the University of Leicester – Dr Lisa Smith from the Department of Criminology and Charlotte Walsh from the Law School.

The event is free and open to the public.