Students claim top spots in prestigious poster competition

Students from our Departments of Engineering and Informatics have claimed top spots in a poster competition as part of this year's ACM-W UK conference held at the University of Hertfordshire on 12 May.

Oishi Deb, from the Department of Engineering and Claudia Cauli, from the Department of Informatics, both received 3rd prize for their posters in two individual categories, Undergrad and PhD.

Oishi's poster was on "Evaluating Soft Error Reliability in Multicore Processors using OVPsim-FIM", supervised by Dr Luciano Ost.

Claudia entered in the PhD poster category and her poster was on "Equivalence of µp-Calculus and p-Automata", supervised by Dr Nir Piterman. 

Oishi said: "I am really pleased that I got this opportunity to present my 3rd year undergraduate project work at this ACM-W conference. I was very glad that my poster abstract was accepted for the presentation and I could represent the University of Leicester in the undergraduate category contest.I want to thank my supervisor, Dr Luciano Ost, for his guidance and invaluable advise, which was fundamental in receiving this prize."