Leicester hosting ground-breaking conference for Genomes Project

Our University will host the inaugural UK Genomes conference on Wednesday 8 March Thursday 9 March at College Court, 150 Knighton Road, Leicester running from 9am – 5pm.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the future role of Genomics and the 100,000 Genome Project in transforming the National Health Service.

The event will be hosted by staff from Leicester’s Hospitals and the University of Leicester, including Professor Julian Barwell, Consultant Geneticist at Leicester’s Hospitals, Joanna Lowry, Genomic Medicine Centre Project Manager at Leicester’s Hospitals, Dr Ming Lim, Reader in Marketing & Organisation at the University of Leicester, and Dr Noelle Robertson, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Leicester. There will also be a number of guest speakers at the conference providing an insight into their work.

Julian Barwell, who works at Leicester’s Hospitals as a Clinical Geneticist and as an Honorary Professor in the Department of Cancer Studies at the University of Leicester, explains further: “What is unique about this event is that doctors, nurses, clinical scientists, hospital managers, commissioners, university academics and patient groups are all working together. Leicester is where human variation through changes in our DNA was first described. This event is to plan how we can use such new technologies to improve the health of our local community.”