Games Masters students to run video game tournament to be broadcast live

University of Leicester video gamers are to go head-to-head against local rivals De Montfort University in the first in a new series of derby eSports matches.

Two teams from University of Leicester and De Montfort University will be competing on 11 March on the stage of ESL Studio in Leicester, organised by Varsity Games .

They will be competing in matches of League of Legends, the highly popular online multiplayer arena game in which players take the role of ‘champions’ in destroying their opponent’s base using a variety of special abilities.

eSports refers to the growing industry of organised competitions involving electronic systems, usually multiplayer video games. Some of the biggest tournaments have attracted large audiences both in person and via online viewing, with significant prizes for competitors.

The tournament will be recorded live with students offered the opportunity to operate all production and broadcast talent positions on the day, from producer to desk host.

eSports Society President Dinesh Pun said: “The University’s eSports society has been planning several events with ESL as they have a studio in Leicester. The studio contains professional equipment that we could use to host tournaments and other events for our society.

“As we built up a good relationship with ESL they offered us the chance to take part in a varsity tournament versus DMU. We already have several teams who are competing in the NUEL (The National University eSports League), and we picked the most active and highest performing teams to participate in Varsity.

“ESL and Varsity wanted to make this a student-run event therefore offered work experience to students for various roles. We have a couple of members from the society who have taken this great opportunity. Students can also come to the studio on the day to watch the games, support their teams and hang out with other students, ESL and Varsity staff. Overall it will be an exciting tournament with great environment! We will be posting more information such as transport on our Facebook group as the event draws closer.”