Renowned Indian actor and film producer to speak at our University

Renowned Indian actor, film producer and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Mohan Agashe will be delivering a talk on how films can be a source of nutritional entertainment at the University of Leicester on Tuesday 18 July.

The event, which is co-organised by our University and British Indian Psychiatric Association (BIPA), will see Dr Agashe explore how the Arts can be a space of sensory experience.

As a doctor and actor, Dr Agashe discovered that what he thought were two parallel streams in his life actually converged and informed each other. He began to understand and perceive art as a precursor to learning. He noticed that the Arts sparked interest and intrigue in peoples’ mind and triggered a desire to learn more about certain subjects. Soon, studying these phenomena became his passion.

Dr Agashe received International recognition for his role in Mississippi Masala and Gandhi. More recently his work as an actor-producer in the film Astu (so be it) in 2013 and Kaasav (Turtle) in 2016 has been applauded internationally. Dr Agashe will be in U.K. for a short period in July 2017 for screening of Kaasav which is short-listed at British Film Institute (BFI) Film Festival in Southbank, London, U.K.

The event is organised by Dr Santosh Mudholkar (BIPA), Dr Hari Subramaniam (University of Leicester) & Dr Danni Benyon-Payne (College Events Co-ordinator, University of Leicester).

Dr Benyon-Payne said: “I am delighted to co-host this event with BIPA to start a dialogue regarding matters of mind through the medium of films.”               

The talk, ‘Films as a source of nutritional entertainment’ will take place at the University of Leicester on Tuesday 18 July 2017 at 5:30PM in the Centre for Medicine LT1.