Leicester geologists publish new book on exquisitely preserved fossil animals from 500 million years ago

Together with colleagues from Yunnan University, Oxford University and The Natural History Museum, palaeontologists Mark Williams, Sarah Gabbott, David Siveter and Mark Purnell from our Department of Geology have published a striking new book illustrating exceptionally preserved fossil animals from 500 million years ago.

‘The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China: The Flowering of Early Animal Life, 2nd Edition’ illustrates fossils of the Chengjiang Biota in southern China – one of the most significant palaeontological discoveries in history. The book illustrates life on Earth at a pivotal point in our planet’s evolution, when the oceans first began to teem with animal life.

Displaying some 250 figures of these ancient animals preserved with their eyes, guts and legs, the book is targeted at both professional and amateur palaeontologists, those fascinated by evolutionary biology, and those who simply love the aesthetic and scientific quality of the Chengjiang fossils.